Alpine Peaks Consulting is your first stop to better optimize the entire scope of individual and small business needs. Regardless of the service(s) that you hire me for, I believe in a very important philosophy. I want to empower each client individually. Beyond just performing the work tasks for you, I want to teach you what I am doing, and why. This approach will help you to be a better investor, financial planner, and/or business owner on you own accord. Please click on the tabs below to get an idea of the comprehensive services that I offer to any client.

Investment Advisor

As a State of California Registered Investment Advisor, Alpine Peaks Consulting works to you meet your investment goals. Successful investing requires thorough research, sophisticated tools and techniques of financial analysis, the judgement that comes with experience, and most of all the time to devote to it. When one considers today’s busy lifestyles, even the most prepared can seldom find adequate time to plan, oversee, and modify investments as the complex financial environment changes. Often, a source of worry is generated that interferes with our enjoyment of the lives we are trying to pursue.

The process of investment management involves identifying your investment objectives, defining your time frames and tolerance for risk, analyzing your tax situation and present holdings, developing an investment plan and asset allocation strategy, selecting appropriate investments, and continually monitoring and adjusting your portfolio as you progress towards your goals.

It is important to augment the success of any savings or investment program to start early, invest regularly, and be patient while your assets grow over a period of time. Your objectives may include college savings, buying a vacation home, going on a trip around the world, providing for a more comfortable retirement, or building assets for family or charitable gifting. Whatever your wishes may be, APC will review your investments, make suggestions, and consult with you regarding the performance of your portfolio and progress toward your investment goals.

Financial Planning

For one to have well defined financial goals is very important; however, without a well constructed objective plan, realizing the objectives are nearly impossible. Financial planning lays out the specific steps and groundwork to reach one’s desired targets. During the planning process, you will initially fill out a comprehensive financial planing questionnaire that is customized by APC. Once I have the necessary information to evaluate you individual situation, I will: analyze your income, cash flow, assets, net worth, risk exposures, and tax burdens; assist you in addressing your needs and goals for education funding, retirement, taxes, and estate planning; and work with you and your other professional advisors including your attorney, accountant and insurance agent to be sure that you have complete plans in place to achieve your goals.

My expertise lies in developing a plan that is unique to your individual situation. Your specific needs may involve multi-generational planning, divorce planning, providing for family members with special needs, situations specific to executives and self-employed individuals, and meeting your goals for charitable giving or socially responsible investing. Whatever your unique situation may dictate, I can help plan and guide the path to lead you towards your goals.

Competent financial planning involves building a relationship of trust between the client and advisor over time. Your financial plan is a guide to decision-making as your life unfolds. Good planning can allow you to do things you’ve always dreamed of — and maybe things you’ve never dreamed possible.

Business Consulting

The small business owner usually becomes beleaguered from the day-to-day responsibility of running a business. After a very long day of laboring over operating the business, it can be very difficult to handle the challenge of daily tasks within the office. Alpine Peaks Consulting has been assisting the small business owner for almost two decades. Here are just a few of the ways that I can help your business:

  • Business, marketing, promotional and strategic planning
  • Working capital management
  • Proper report generation from transactional and financial data to assist the decision making process
  • Organization of assets to optimize cash flow and yields in safe, insured and liquid deposits
  • Accounting environment evaluation and customization
  • Assure GAAP compliance
  • Ease the auditing/tax preparation process for your accountant
  • Make better business decisions based on report generation for your individual needs
  • Customization of spreadsheet and accounting software templates to facilitate efficient and effective business decisions
  • Technology compliance (training in your specific OS, software, and associated customization for your needs)
  • Set up and implementation of an automated, proper and safe data backup system